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Exclusive Smoke/Odor Eliminating Candles

     Specially formulated, our Odor/Smoke Out Candle contains enzymes which are released on burning, attacking odor molecules in the air and effectively eliminating all types of strong offending odors! We guarantee the smoke/odor eliminating ability of these candles. Smoke/Odor Out Candles are available in many of our Jar, Container, Decorator and Pillar candles. Available in two fragrances, Spice and Original, these candles are an indispensable addition to your normal candle collection.

Guaranteed to remove offending odors or your money refunded!

Customer tested on the following ODORS:

bulletRemoves cooking odors, the lingering smell of fish, cabbage, broccoli, and even onions.
bulletPerfect around pets, wipes out litter box odors.
bulletGreat for bathrooms and near trash cans, and clothes hampers.
bulletPerfect for removing cigarette and cigar smells from your home or office.
bulletThe answer to those damp basement and sooty fireplace odors.
bulletExcellent for eliminating the burned odor left from fire damage.
bulletThe solution for taking nail polish and hair perm odors out of the air.
bulletRemoves paint and varnish odors, plus many more.

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